Why Buy a Standing Desk

varidesk alternativesSally really wants to get a standing desk for her office, but she doesn’t know why.

Maybe it’s all the Varidesk commercials she’s seeing on tv, or maybe it’s because Johnny – across the office – gets to see everything going down in the office before she does.

Maybe Sally just wants to be one of the cool kids in the cubicles and get the most expensive standing desk in her office.

Whatever the reason, Sally wants to get a standing desk today!


Why buy a standing desk to replace your current desktop set up?

Standing more and sitting less is good for you. It can improve your posture, help improve your life expectancy (they say) and get your mind off the mundane by standing more.

Way too many people sit at a desk all day. It’s a national tragedy.

The way people work nowadays, with the most amazing technology affordable, keeps people glued to their computer screens.

We all see the effects of the sitting lifestyle on our waste lines. People are getting out of shape, obese, and unhealthy with all this sitting.

Let’s help Sally out by giving her a few things to consider when buying a standing desk.


What should you consider when buying a standing desk?varidesk competitor, varidesk alternative

We think there are really only 3 major considerations for most people who want to buy a standing desk.

  1. The first thing to consider is how much space you have available on your desk to put a standing desk platform. Do you have space for a free-standing desk that raises up and down or do you need to fit a standing desktopper onto your existing space? Maybe you only have a cubicle corner you can place a desktop contraption onto?
  2. Do you want to keep your old desk, or are you required to keep it? If so, you’ll want to buy an affordable standing desk topper, either a Varidesk or a Varidesk competitor’s version.
  3. What’s your budget for a standing desk?

Not all standing desk toppers are expensive, but some can cost over $400 and up.

If you get a free-standing raisable desk, you can expect to pay close to $1000 or more.

Raisable desks are expensive, but they are worth it if you can afford one.

Now that Sally has our advice on what to consider when buying a standing desk… it’s time to read reviews and make an informed purchase.

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