Height Adjustable Desks vs Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

stand up desk converter, standing desk converterHeight Adjustable Desks Vs Adjustable Standing Desk Converter – Which are Better?

If you like the idea of being able to stand up while you work, you need one of two things: an adjustable height desk or an adjustable standing desk converter like the Varidesk. Both height adjustable desks or adjustable desk toppers do just what they are meant to do, which is raise your working surface so you can stand up to work instead of being stationary all day. By raising your workstation, you gain the health benefits associated with NOT sitting for hours on end.


Which Type of  Standing Workstation Should You Choose?

There are both good and bad things to be said about both types of standing workstation areas. With an adjustable height desk, you have everything all in one piece of furniture. But, electric standing desks are often big and bulky. With the standing desk workstation converter, you have the same multi-tiered work surface and height levels in one, but it can be moved to different desks.

If you are looking to save money, the desk toppers may be a lot less expensive. Also, if you tend to switch offices or work from different locations, the standing desk converters are more convenient. But, if you want a sturdy, quality piece of furniture, it may be worth the investment to buy the whole standing desk setup.


Best Adjustable Height Desk Toppers Reviews

It is quite easy to convert any existing desk into a standing desk. You can save a lot of money by getting standing desk converter unit rather than buying a whole new desk, which can cost several hundred if not thousands of dollars, and more. Each of these standing desks have their benefits, so you are making a good decision to have a better Desk Life World no matter which style you choose. Let’s take a look at some of the best adjustable height desk toppers available on the market.


VARIDESK – Height Adjustable Standing Desk

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varidesk adjustable standing desk reviews

Varidesk Pro Plus 36 comes in 4 colors: Butcher Block  Black  White  Zebrawood

Here is a standing desk topper that is designed for dual monitor setups, or anyone who needs a large work area.


  • Two-tiered design offers an upper space for a monitor so you don’t end up with eye or neck strain.
  • Height adjustable to 11 positions so you can have total comfort while working.
  • Patented spring-loaded lifting mechanism can lift as much as 35 pounds in three seconds.
  • Keyboard tray is large, and you can use it for your laptop computer.


  • Heights – This desk topper adjusts to 11 positions for total ergonomic comfort.
  • Sturdiness – Even when standing, this table topper is completely stable.
  • Assembly – No assembly is required. Use this right out of the box.


  • Customer Service – Many customers report having difficulties contacting/dealing with customer service.

DeskDoc Adjustable Sit Stand Desk with Anti-Fatigue Mat Includes Smartphone or Tablet Holder

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standing adjustable desk top, varidesk competitors

The work surface on this unit will easily accommodate two monitors, or a monitor and a laptop, with room to spare. Of course, it raises and lowers, so you can switch from sitting to standing throughout the day. This is a good option for varidesk competitors who are trying to win in standing desk arena.


  • The extra-large keyboard tray has room for a keyboard and mouse.
  • There is a special slot for your smartphone or tablet to keep it at a good viewing angle.
  • The gas spring arm makes it easy to move up and down.
  • Can lift weights up to 35 pounds.


  • Space – There is plenty of space for your computer or laptop, an additional monitor, keyboard and mouse, and more on this adjustable height monitor and keyboard stand.
  • Positions – There are multiple positions that lock in place, and are sturdy even at full height.
  • Mat – An anti-fatigue mat is included with each purchase to help reduce fatigue on your feet, legs, and back while standing.


  • Maneuverability – This adjustable height desk may be difficult to raise and lower.


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Recommended Raised Workstation Desk


ApexDesk Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Get Specs | Buy on Amazon | See All 6 ColorsElectric Height Adjustable Standing Desk with Contoured Edge

This electric height adjustable standing desk has a contoured edge so you can move closer to the workstation when you are standing. Also, the desk material is constructed from a heavy duty medium density fiber board with scratch resistant high pressure laminate, a material usually reserved for high end furniture.


  • The extra-large table top surface has room for your usual office set up without needing extra surface area.
  • 2 holes in either side of the table top make it easy to drop cords down and out of sight.
  • Quick rise with a fast motor makes this desk a breeze.
  • This style doesn’t have a cross bar like some other brands so you can use a treadmill underneath or a yoga ball if you want to sit and work on your core muscles.


  • Quick Rise – Height adjusts from 24″ to 50″ in 1.3 seconds.
  • Sturdy – Heavy duty fixed steel beam enhanced stability under desk top with 235-lb load capacity.
  • Ease of use – Dual motors & 2 button controller make this electric standing desk easy to raise.


  • Shipping – Bulky and requires assembly which may be difficult for some.


60″ Electric Bamboo Raised Height Adjustable Computer Desk

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The work surface on this electric standing desk is made of a serene feeling natural bamboo that is soothing and calming. Bring a little peace to your Desk Life World with the zen of a natural bamboo surface.


  • The extra-large keyboard tray has room for a keyboard and mouse.
  • There is a special slot for your smartphone or tablet to keep it at a good viewing angle.
  • The gas spring arm makes it easy to move up and down.
  • Can lift weights up to 35 pounds.


  • Eco-Friendly – Made from bamboo so it’s eco-friendly and rain forest friendly.
  • Positions – Adjusts to your height.
  • Natural Beauty – Solvent free Bamboo desktop is both aesthetically and naturally minded.


  • Price – May be more expensive than a standing desk converter.


Buying a standing desk top apparatus can be more affordable than buying an electric stand up desk. If you want to make a move to a new style of work without investing in an entirely new desk, buy a standing desk converter kit and turn your current desk into a healthy Work Life option today.

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Desk Life World is sharing anecdotal evidence and is not a trained physician or liable for health problems arising from misuse of standing desks or desktop converters. Please consult your doctor before buying a standing desk if you have health issues or concerns. 


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