Cardboard Standing Desks

oridesk standing desk cardboard

Cardboard standing desks are an affordable way to dip your toes into the standing desk craze.

Cardboard standing desks sit on top of your desk just like a more expensive desk riser, but they cost a fraction of the price.

You’ll get all the benefits of standing more during your workday and save your hard earned money for happy hour.

Benefits of a standing desk:

Benefits of standing desks include, but are not limited to:

  • Less fatigue
  • Putting your spine in a stable position
  • More movement during the day
  • Burning a few more calories during the day
  • Potentially relieving back pain

With all the potential health benefits, you should pick up an affordable cardboard standing desk and give the craze a try.

Cardboard Standing Desks You Can Buy Today

There are a few companies out there building standing desks from cardboard – Oridesk & Ergodriven, and a very cool company in New Zealand, Refold, making an entire standing desk out of cardboard.

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Refold Cardboard Standing Desk – Photo from DesignBoom

- $34.00Bestseller No. 1
Spark by Ergodriven | The Perfect 'Start Standing Now' Standing Desk (Medium)
299 Reviews
Spark by Ergodriven | The Perfect "Start Standing Now" Standing Desk (Medium)
  • Choose your size by your height: | Under 5'4" = Small | 5'4"-5'11" = Medium | Over 5'11" = Large |
  • Feel better! Standing is a healthier position than sitting, and allows for more movement.
  • Spark is the perfect way to try standing. It's ergonomic, robust (no typing wobble) and looks great.
  • Ergonomic two-level design works great with a laptop, monitor, or all-in-one PC like iMac up to 27".
  • Easily get healthier while you work! Spark is the best health and fitness investment you can make.
Bestseller No. 2
Paper Maker Cardboard Stanging Desk for Office (Brown)
  • Size: 39*40*40cm;
  • Color: Paper Color;
  • Material: Eco-friendly corrugated cardboard,100% Recyclable;
  • Occasion: Office , Classroom , Study ,Home and so on;Extremely lightweight and foldable, you can carry it go where you go
  • Benefit:Make your health and productivity a priority no matter where you're working.

Oristand – A Simple Cardboard Standing Desk

Oristand was inspired by the Hootesuite CEO. He pulled together resources with a designer to tackle the problem of an affordable standing desk for his employees who were building DIY standing desks from inexpensive furniture.

standing desk cardboard

The Oristand cardboard standing desk is an affordable alternative to the Varidesk or other more expensive cardboard standing desks. It pops out in a single movement, which makes it a lot like origami. And it folds up quickly to clear your desk top or to carry it with you where ever you want to stand and work.


Spark by Ergodriven – Affordable Cardboard Standing Desk

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Also, Ergodriven brand has a has a simple cardboard standing desk platform, called Spark, with a few more pieces to put together, but the end product is an inexpensive standing desk converter you can use anywhere you want to stand.

Either way you go, buying a cardboard standing desk is a simple way to enter the standing desk lifestyle at work.

If you find you need something more sub-stand-tial, check out a heavy duty desk top riser like the Varidesk or an alternative to the Varidesk.

Get the Oristand | Get the Spark