About Desk Life World:

In the beginning, you sat at a tiny desk with your tiny hands grasping pencils and crayons. Your tiny feet swung from the desk chair as you imagined a world full of wonder and surprise. Then, you grew up. And now, all you can do is imagine a life away from a desk. This is reality.

Desk Life World is the Intersection of Work, Life and the WORLD you want to live in.

Maybe you won’t always need a desk. Maybe you’ll follow your “passion”, find your home on a beach teaching kids on spring break how to surf.

Or maybe you’ll find yourself on top of the mountain traversing a “black slope” hitting the moguls as you go down. Or maybe you’ll open a coffee shop (every hipsters dream) and serve people yummy latte’s and cappuccino’s.

Oh, the places you’ll want to go.

Until then, you’re back at your desk working hard to fulfill all your dreams of making it big one day and moving into the corner office… asking your secretary to bring you a Keurig coffee freshly brewed or a bagel someone leftover after that 8am meeting. Dreams do come true. 😉

Who Writes for Desk Life World?

standing deskDesk Life World is the brain child of Carlin who spent many years in the corporate world designing bags and backpacks.

She knows how it feels to sit immobile for hours staring at a computer screen and the negative affects immobility can have on the body. Pick up Standing Desk to make your desk life healthier and more fun.

Desk Life World brings you the best ideas for adjustable height desks you can find. Take a look and let us know which one fits your Desk Life World. Learn More about Adjustable Height Desks

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